Grappling Injuries Injury Prevention Rehabilitation Strategies


Injury prevention for jiu jitsu workshop

•Educate students on injury prevention / mitigation practices relating specific to jiu jitsu

•Movement baseline assessment and home tests (Lab portion)
•Educate on strengthening vs. stretching. Importance of a warm up. Dynamic warm up vs. static stretching. (Lecture / Lab portion)
•Educate on exercises for joint health and self mobility assessments (Lab portion)
•Educate on when you should get seen by a healthcare professional. •Difference between acute vs. chronic. (Lecture)
•Recovery strategies. Key points to focus on. When to heat and when to ice. (Lecture)
•Injury prevention strategies specific to jiu jitsu (Lecture / Lab)

I am available to come to your gym and present the material. Contact me if you wish to speak to me about details.

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